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How to obtain best price for your home ?  
How to Pricing your property right?


The seller can only set the asking price. The buyers will determine the value..


Since buyers are usually shopping around, they usually know the market better than the sellers. The drawbacks of overpricing are numerous and rarely benefit the seller.



Your may not close, because a potential buyer may face appraisal and financing problems as a result of the inflated price.


Overpricing may actually help sell similar homes that are priced lower not yours. 

bullet Your home may stay on the market longer.
bullet Overpricing may attract the wrong buyers.

Sales Associates will miss showing your property to qualified potential buyers because your home is out of their clients’ price range.


Fewer qualified potential buyers will respond to your advertisement.


You may miss out on the serious buyer who will shy away from making a lower offer on a home for fear of offending the seller.


You may miss out first few golden weeks to sell.


You may miss out the hottest selling season


You may miss out the best time when buyer can get favorite mortgage rate and rush to offer.


Overpricing is a common mistake that can cost you in the end. Good realtors will guild you to price your home right.


Contact Holly for detail how to price your home. Call: 908-874-8421x229, 908-874-5798



The best price is obtainable when multiple buyers compete for your home.


Typically, multiple offers are received within the first few weeks the home is on the market. On seller’s market, when your home is exposed to the greatest number of potential buyers, multiple offers to purchase are common.


For obtaining best price for your home, make sure to do following thing:



Price your home right !!!.


Find a good responsible agent who has market proved strategies to online and offline marketing your home.


Fix any defects and make your home in good shape.


How to bring buyers to your home


For Coldwell Banker Exclusive Services and Holly Tang’s “ Five times more effort and five times more exposure” market plan, Call Holly for a pre-listing presentation at 908-874-5798.


How to select real estate company and realtor



Try to list your property with local real estate company and agent, because they are familiar with your local market and local price. They can serve you better and easier.


Using a Real Estate Company and Agent who have more service and more online marketing strategies.


Also you need to look for an agent who is honest, responsible, working hard and best understanding your needs. You don’t know how important a good agent is until something goes wrong.


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